Sunday, November 1, 2015

Currently November

Happy Sunday teacher friends! What happened to October?! I swear it went by in such a rush. It's the first of the month which means it's time for another round of Currently with Farley

Listening- I'm watching last week's episode of The Walking Dead again to find any hidden clues. I'm convinced Glenn is gone 100% but some friends of mine who watch the show aren't so sure. In my opinion there ain't no way he could have survived.
Loving- I went shopping in Canton,Texas today with my BFF. There was a chill in the air with some rain, but we bought some good things so I didn't mind. If you love to shop then you'd love Canton Trade Days. You can buy everything from antiques, clothes, home decor, and food. One vendor sells all sorts of delicious soup and dessert mixed. I can't wait for my baked potato soup to be done.
I also found this cute charger plate at a craft fair last week and knew I had to have it.
As much as I love Christmas I wish it were easier to find Thanksgiving decorations.
Thinking- To nap or not to nap? I love a nice lil' cat nap on a rainy day.
Wanting- I left the air on by mistake when we left for Canton this morning so now my apartment is freezing! I've got the heat on so hopefully I won't feel like a popsicle much longer.
Needing- As of right now laundry can wait
Yummy- Don't get me wrong I love pumpkin pie, but there's just something AMAZING about a slice of sweet potato pie. Southern people love sweet potato pie.
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