Saturday, February 21, 2015

You Oughta Know

Happy Saturday friends! I'm excited to link up again for another month of...
Thanks Jasmine for hosting one of the best blog hops around!
Today I've got a quick and easy app you may not be familiar with. Think of Tap Roulette  as the techified version of rock, paper, scissors.
Kids can't agree on who goes first playing a game? Your team can't decide on who will pick where to eat during the oh so fabulous extended lunch during staff development? Tap Roulette to the rescue! The app automatically picks someone for you. Everyone places one finger somewhere on the iPad, press pick finger, and voila! No more kids wasting time over who gets to go first. Who doesn't love free apps that are easy? 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I-Time Tub

Happy Hump Day everyone! Let's talk intervention time shall we? It's the perfect time of day we have set aside to work with minis in small groups. No phone calls, everything flows smoothly, and there are never interruptions right? Um, how about a big fat NO! It is just me or does it seem like chaos can develop when intervention time is about to start?
I started thinking of ways I could still meet with my small groups while still giving some of my other minis a chance to still do meaningful activities. After one trip to Five Below the I-Time tub was born.
I wanted to have another option for my intervention students besides computer work or reading a book. Computer programs are great, but they will never take the place of teacher interaction. Some days I discover one or two students may need more or less time with me depending on their needs. 
Here's a quick rundown of what's currently in the I-Time tub.

We love the different Candy Land games from Mel D.  Mel has a fantastic variety of Candy Land games for both reading and math to fit your needs. The games are easy to play and engaging at the same time.
Fluency With a Twist is always entertaining. I created this product not only to help with fluency, but also reading with expression.
Zinger!  file folder games are also a rotation for the I-Time tub. Minis practice spelling and phonics with a partner or alone. All that's needed is a bag/small bucket and a timer. Here are two minis playing Zinger! R Controlled Vowels.

Amy Lemons always has amazing products. We're currently in love with the Spin On math stations.  I decided to make the stations into file folder games to save on copies. Who knew a paper clip could make math so engaging?

Fluency has been a big focus in the last couple of weeks. Christina DeCarbo has created fluency passages that also help with comprehension.
There are more rotating activities that I'll hopefully blog about later. I'd love suggestions on additional things to add. 
Enjoy the rest of your week!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Happy 100th Day!

Happy Thursday y'all! The minis and I celebrated 100 days of school today. The 100th day is hands down one of my favorite school days; second only to pajama day and the last day of school! We had a mix of previous and new stations. Here's a (hopefully) quick rundown of the festivities today.
A new station I added this year was creating a picture with die cuts. The thought and creativity was impressive
At first I couldn't figure this out, but then learned this is a picture of a monster truck rally. I totally see it now!

Building a 100 cup structure was a favorite of the day.

Also added this year was building a structure with 100 unifix cubes and the 100th day QR code challenge.

 Only second graders could do that many jumping jacks without getting winded!

Our 100th day celebration wouldn't have been complete without picture to remember the day and a fast forward to what we'll look like in the future.

The Aging Booth app gave us all the giggles.

I posted this on Instagram earlier today. Maybe I should start an early Botox fund? :)
Time to settle into bed and find something good to watch until I fall asleep. Thank God tomorrow is Friday!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

February Currently

I don't know about y'all but I thought January would never end! It's time to participate in my favorite linky with Farley.

Listening- It's a rare moment where I don't have the tv on as background noise. Sometimes silence is a great thing. 
Loving- I'll be 31 on the 10th of this month! I still have no set plans yet, but the wheels in my head are turning with ideas. 
Thinking- My laptop has been all kinds of cuckoo lately and slow. Please Lord let it last until I get a new one.
Wanting- I've got a craving for a red velvet cupcake (my fave) and some good 'ol Blue Bell vanilla ice cream.
Needing- The laundry pile is looking horrible right now. I vow to tackle the growing pile soon as I finish this post.
Pageant Title- Sometimes I have self control, and sometimes I don't. The last two weeks I've had very little self control. Of course I needed that clip art from TPT, and that cute dress I saw at Forever 21 because it was picture day and I couldn't look a hot mess. And of course I gotta look for a new birthday outfit right? 
Don't forget to link up and share your currently! I don't care who wins the Super Bowl today, I'm just happy to socialize and eat!