Thursday, February 5, 2015

Happy 100th Day!

Happy Thursday y'all! The minis and I celebrated 100 days of school today. The 100th day is hands down one of my favorite school days; second only to pajama day and the last day of school! We had a mix of previous and new stations. Here's a (hopefully) quick rundown of the festivities today.
A new station I added this year was creating a picture with die cuts. The thought and creativity was impressive
At first I couldn't figure this out, but then learned this is a picture of a monster truck rally. I totally see it now!

Building a 100 cup structure was a favorite of the day.

Also added this year was building a structure with 100 unifix cubes and the 100th day QR code challenge.

 Only second graders could do that many jumping jacks without getting winded!

Our 100th day celebration wouldn't have been complete without picture to remember the day and a fast forward to what we'll look like in the future.

The Aging Booth app gave us all the giggles.

I posted this on Instagram earlier today. Maybe I should start an early Botox fund? :)
Time to settle into bed and find something good to watch until I fall asleep. Thank God tomorrow is Friday!

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