Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

I was catching up on Bloglovin and found another linky party. I'm participating in my first Wordless Wednesday over at Sugar and Spice.
I'm fortunate to work with a great team of second grade teachers. We show support and back each other up when needed. Love this team! 

The Final Countdown

I feel horrible for not blogging more lately! Every year I forget how much can happen between the end of March through the end of May. This afternoon I was able to see more light at the end of the tunnel when I switched our calendar.
What happened to this school year?! I feel like there's still so much to teach and do with my minis with only five weeks left. 
There's been lots going on I've been intending to blog about, but time seems to have just got away from me.I'll share a couple of exciting things that's been happening in and out the classroom.
Earlier this month students displayed some amazing work with our landmarks project. Seeing those landmarks always gives me the travel bug to visit new and familiar places. 

Yellowstone National Park

One of my favorites every year; the Golden Gate Bridge.
Meet Sasha our new guinea pig! A student of mine last year ended up being allergic to Sasha, so she joined our class a few weeks ago. She's oh so sweet and cuddly. Sasha must love science and math; this is when she is most vocal.
To celebreate National Poetry Month, we've been in a poetry creating frame of mind. I've been impressed with the quality of writing and attention to detail the minis have shown lately.To create these spring acrostic poems, we integrated a little technology with Read Write Think.

I don't post many personal things, but last week I reached a milestone. I celebrated my two year anniversary with Crossfit!
Crossfit has been one of the most challenging and rewarding things I've done for myself. I won't even lie to y'all some days I just want to quit and go home to sit and eat. Two years ago I would've never imagined the positive changes I'd make. 
Hopefully I'll get a chance to blog more next week!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

April Currently

I'm baaaack! I had to dust the cobwebs off my dashboard, folks! Sometimes school and personal life can be pure chaos as y'all well know. There's a hundred things I feel I need to get accomplished. I'm determined to get back into the blogging world and catch up on what I missed. 
To get back into the swing of things, I'm linking up with Farley for April Currently. Here we go...
Listening- My annoying neighbor has decided now is a perfect time to BLAST music. I'm seriously tempted to call and make a noise complaint. As the Southern expression goes, some people just weren't raised right. It doesn't help that she comes across as a witchy, cold personality. Bleh.
Loving- Today I got back from my first trip to NYC! I had such an amazing time even if the weather wasn't quite warm enough for me. I'll definitely visit again. The food, shopping, sights, fast pace, and interesting people made for a great trip. 
The Empire State Building is a must do! Even if it's a cold day, you can't get an experience or views like this anywhere else. 
My inner child couldn't resist playing the big piano at FAO Schwartz.
My advice for any first time NYC visitors? Carry a brush and hand sanitizer! 

The frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity 3 can't be missed! 

Thinking- Yes I need to eat dinner, but I also need to finish a blog post from last month. I need to finish my Liebster Award post. I am normally not this behind, but as I said earlier it's been busy busy busy. 
Wanting- I finally braved the light rain and got my suitcase out of the car. Thankfully my team plans together, so I just need to type science plans and save. Too bad I don't have a magic wand that will do everything for me.
Needing- It's the time of year when all teachers feel like there's not enough sleep to catch up on. Can I get an amen??
Hours and Last Day- Contract hours for teachers are from 7:30 to 3:30. Pshh those hours don't do a thing. My goal is to get to school everyday by 7:15 so I can do minor housekeeping things. My goal is to leave everday by 4:40 so I make it to Crossfit on time; sometimes this works out sometimes it doesn't. 
Our last school day with students is now June 6th. Thanks to the crazy winter we've had we'll be using all bad weather makeup days this year.