Sunday, July 27, 2014

GISD iCon...And I Had Some Work Done

Hey everyone! I intended on blogging this weekend, but got behind. I was a school shopping/crafting fool this weekend. The good news is I'm 95% done buying what I need. Did you notice my blog got a face lift?! I LOVE it! Tessa over at Tales from a Blog Designer did a great job.
This past Thursday my district held it's first ever iCon. It was professional development based on the EdCamp model meaning you were free to come and go to sessions as you pleased. It was exciting to have so many people from my school attend! If I'm not mistaken I think we had the largest number of people from one school in attendance.
Teacher techie friends <3
Professional development is always great when you're in the same space with other teacher friends who are just as excited and ready to learn as you are. Don't you agree? 
My coworker and I presented a session called Tech 4 Tots. You can find a link to our presentation here
My techie friend Darla was an excellent volunteer during Winning Words. I was having hot mess hair issues that day!
Winning Words is a free (who doesn't love that) group of apps that are excellent for vocabulary. 
Have your minis play independently or in a learning station and pick your level of difficulty. It's easy peasy and can be learned quickly.
During the session I showed the easy levels, but the medium and difficult levels are excellent introductions to higher level vocabulary words.
Chatterpix was my new favorite app of the day. I definitely can see this app being used for some readers theater or summarizing for a lesson or story. 
Start with any picture you choose. Upload from your camera roll when if you don't plan on taking a new picture.

Draw a line for the mouth
You'll have 30 seconds to record what you want.
Your picture does the talking, and provides some laughs at how silly the mouth can make the picture look.
You can add whatever borders, props, or text you would like. A quick heads up; some of the props may not be appropriate for your minis so monitor choices carefully.
Voila! Another easy peasy lemon squeezy app.
There was and still is so much being shared from iCon I couldn't possibly blog about it all. That plus the fact I get easily distracted while writing one post and it takes me forever. My blogging attention span is apparently the same as a goldfish. Follow the hashtag #gisdicon on Twitter to learn more. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday Made It

Happy Monday everyone! I realized today my summer break is drawing to an end, eek! I have a little over 3 weeks before I go back to school for staff development. I don't know about you, but I always like going back a few days early to get a head start on my classroom.

I'm linking up with 4th Grade Frolics for my first Monday Made It post! I've seen this linky pop up on my Bloglovin news feed, and decided it was time to participate.
Have you seen the super cute library paint sticks on Pinterest? Last year I had a system in place for students to remember which basket to return class books too but it didn't last long. My minis used numbered clothespins to clip onto baskets which worked great for a couple of weeks, then the clothespins were constantly breaking ugh!
Here's everything I used for the library paint sticks.
I got the paint sticks for free from Home Depot. The holes were drilled in the sticks by a sweet employee. Shout out to my local Home Depot for being so helpful to me! The cupcake numbers are a freebie from Twinkl Printable Resources on TPT that I laminated to make them last. I already had the spray paint.
I laid out the paint sticks outside and sprayed to even coats of paint on each side. Thankfully no spray paint got on me, clothes, or the sidewalk yay!
I kicked up my heels in the lovely ac while I waited for it all to dry. At first I was concerned the red would be too bright, but I was pleased with the end result. I love how the red pops. The cute polka dot ribbon I found at Hobby Lobby.
Side note: Some of the sticks I went back and sprayed again for a more even color.

Voila! This was an easy peasy affordable craft. I can't wait for these to get used! Don't forget to link up with your own Monday Made It and join the fun. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July Currently

Happy July 1st teacher friends!! I've had a fabulous day today. It's time to link up with Farley again for June Currently.
Listening- Y'all know how much I love me some Bravo. The People's Couch is a hilarious show! The different people and opinions on this show crack me up. I missed the Real Housewives tonight because I was at dinner, but thank God for DVR right?
Loving- I'm house and pet sitting for a sweet teacher friend who just retired. She has a pool that I've started enjoying today!
I met up with a first grade teacher friend to start planning our presentation for a district iPad workshop later this month. Let me tell you I'm so easily entertained. We both were out on a school night, wearing shorts, and eating dinner! It may sound silly, but it's the little things that make summer special for teachers.
Thinking- My mind can go a mile a minute. I've always got a mental checklist going on. 
Wanting- I'd love some ice cream or frozen yogurt right now.
Needing- I need a blanket year round no matter the weather. There's nothing better than lounging on the sofa with the ac going and burrowing under a blanket.
4th plans- So far I have no set plans, but of course fireworks at night will be involved.