Sunday, August 23, 2015

Never Forget

My poor lil blog has been so neglected this month! Hopefully I'll be able to get a classroom reveal post in soon. A few weeks ago, I presented for my district's second annual iCon conference. The conference is packed with full of amazing ideas for iPads. 
The look on my face right here...I must have been really focused on what I was saying in that moment. During my second session on building a Personal Learning Network I shared a certain quote.
This will be my motto for the upcoming school year. In years past I struggled with holding back because of fear or judgement. I'm sure y'all can relate too. We find a new idea we can't wait to bring into our classrooms, and then our sparkles fades because of various reasons. 
This year I hope you choose to sparkle all year long and do what's best for your students. Seek out other positive teachers in your building, district, or social media to help keep you encouraged. This year I promise not to let opinions of others hold me back.
Year six starts tomorrow for me! Have a great week and hopefully I'll blog again soon!

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