Monday, June 19, 2017

Don't Feel Guilty!

Ah the sweet sounds of summer! No lesson plans or emails to answer. No packing lunches or picking out clothes for the next day. Hopefully you're already enjoying your summer break, and if not then hopefully there are only a few days of school left for you.
Remember your health and well being are an important part of being the best teacher you can be. It's fine if you aren't knee deep in laminating materials for next year or reading a book on professional development just yet. You may or may not see social media posts from others and feel like you have to get a start on next year ASAP. Don't feel like you have to do anything right away. 
You deserve to enjoy your family. You deserve to float in the pool all day if you want. You deserve to take all the summer naps! Take the time to appreciate the space your in right now and relax. Curriculum, lesson plans, and school supplies will still be there when you're ready. Have a great summer! 

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