Sunday, October 20, 2013

Guest Teacher Prep

Happy Sunday teacher friends! October has proven to be a busy and jammed packed month. Last week, I was out twice going to professional development. Thankfully I knew who my guest teachers would be each time, so I had a bit of stress lifted off my shoulders.
 Before I get into how I get ready for a guest teacher, I have to take a quick moment to share a personal goal I achieved Saturday morning. I participated in my first Crossfit WOD for charity! I wasn't the fastest, but I beat the goal I set for myself.
I was nervous, but I finished! I was glad to have my judge be a gym buddy I've worked with before.

Trust me when I say if I can do Crossfit, then anyone can do it. Moving on preparing for a guest teacher...

Having some sort of organization system in place is going to be the first step. I highly recommend using a  binder to keep lesson plans and other important information in. There are tons of great ideas to explore on Pinterest. 
Schoolgirl Style has a great collection of editable binder covers.

I like this Where to Find page inside, so my guest teacher for the day knows where to locate all the ins and outs of the classroom quickly.

I've tried every way I know of to fix this image, but it's not working! Grrr!
I like having everything in the caddy within easy reach along with whatever else is needed for that day. I have a folder for each subject for Monday through Friday. If you have a first time sub be sure to have pens, notepads, etc. somewhere within easy reach as well. 

I try to leave a quick note of encouragement on the board for my minis when I'm gone. 

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