Monday, October 21, 2013

My Truth Monday

I love a good blog linking party! Denise over at Sunny Days in Second Grade has started My Truth Monday.

To kick things off, the first topic is about fitness. I was excited to find this topic after yesterday's post which included a personal fitness goal of mine. Fitness is something I would've never imagined would become an important part of my life.

I've made a huge change in eighteen months that seemed impossible when I started. I feel healthier, more confident, and sleep better. I went from daily donut runs before school to participating in 5ks and charity workouts. As of last week I've lost a total of 65 pounds. I try not to weigh too much so I don't become fixed on a certain number on the scale. Ladies we all know how challenging this can be. I eat better, but also indulge in a treat every now and then. (Mmm cupcakes) 


  1. Wow, Princess! That's an AWESOME accomplishment!!! And I agree, staying off the scale is my key. It's all about fitting into certain clothes rather than reaching a number. :)


    1. After this blog post I have no excuses for not going to the gym today!