Thursday, November 20, 2014

Fluency and a Giveaway!

Hi friends! I've been meaning to get the blog post up and going, but this week has been off the charts! Everyday after school I've had something either work or personal related, plus I haven't been to the gym all week. I don't even wanna think about stepping on a scale. The good news is one more day of school and then hello Thanksgiving break!
I've been working with a group of my minis during intervention on fluency. Not only do I want them to increase their words per minute, but I also want them to read with expression and be actively engaged. I racked my brain for ways new ways to practice fluency and voila a product was born.

We are a techie loving bunch in room 316, so I decided to combine literacy with QR codes. I didn't want this activity to be tied to any sort of assessment. I do monthly fluency checks with my class where I include all the nitty gritty data. Assessment of course has it's time and place. Fluency With a Twist I wanted to be a no pressure no time limit sort of thing.
8 different stories and 9 different tasks can be mixed and matched. No story will be read the same way twice in a row!
I worked with two of my minis this week. The first go around I just wanted them to read, then came the twist part.
Each QR code is a different color which represents a different task they must do while reading.

As soon as they scanned those QR codes they started to giggle. 

Engaged minis, fluency practice, and movement combined in one my mission was accomplished. I overheard one of the girls commenting how much fun she was having. Don't we want our students to have fun while learning? I don't know any student who has fun doing the same old same old every day. Check out this fun activity at my TPT store.
Are you ready for a little giveaway?!
I'm celebrating reaching 100 followers on Instagram! My only regret is not joining Instagram earlier than I did. 

Two things I love on Instagram; teaching ideas and seeing what other teachers are wearing. So in honor of both I want one teacher to enjoy some extra spending money for both! More than once I've browsed #whattheteacherwore or Pinterest to help me get dressed for school. I'll announce the winner next Friday. 


  1. I shop at Target and Macys for my clothes. Thank you for the giveaway. It would be great if I won! Jaime Singeltary (2nd grade teacher)

  2. I love new york and company, old navy, and kohls!

    1. I love Old Navy as well! I've seen tons of great stuff there lately.

  3. My favorite store for clothes is loft and old Navy!