Saturday, November 15, 2014

You Ought Know About Learning Spaces

Happy Saturday friends! I hope your weekend is all kinds of fabulous! I'm thrilled to participate in my very first blog hop this month with Jasmine over at Buzzing With Mrs. McClain.
Last year I started implementing learning spaces with my minis, and let me tell you it's been one of the best changes I've made. I'm a huge advocate of movement in the classroom. If our minis aren't getting the nourishment and oxygen they need for their brains we can't expect them to learn. Nourishment and oxygen will only happen with activity, not sitting in a chair all day in a lecture type environment. I'm so passionate about this subject I could ramble on, but I won't! On to the blog post...

This is what my classroom looks like at least a few times a day.

There used to be an extra bookshelf where those ottomans now are, but I wanted that area to be more effective. 
With the exception of taking tests, I allow students to choose their learning space with clear expectations. Students know learning spaces are a privilege, and if they choose not to make good choices that privilege is lost. 
This is our listening lounge which I originally intended only to be used during listening station but now is a popular area in the classroom. 

I was so scared the first time I tried learning spaces that it would only cause chaos. When everyone is in their preferred learning space it's so quiet you could hear a pin drop. I also make sure there are plenty of clipboards to go around so time isn't wasted looking for a flat surface to write on.
I'm hoping to add more pillows and some bean bags to my room this year. I wish I weren't so picky about what I wanted and it'd get done a lot quicker. 


  1. I love letting my students work where they are comfortable and focused! Setting up clear expectations goes a long way towards making this work. I wish more teachers were willing to give it a try! Sharing this on Facebook!

    The Math Maniac

    1. Hi Tara, I'm glad you stopped by! I'm so glad I took the jump and started learning spaces. It has cut down on so many distractions in the classroom!

  2. It is the clear expectations that make your system so effective! Way to go! This is awesome!

    Mrs. Beattie's Classroom

  3. I love your learning spaces, and as Erin mentioned, setting expecations for behaviors is key. I am trying to branch out more and let my kids explore learning spaces. We use learning spaces all the time during partner work for Math and during one of our Daily 5 centers. Thanks so much for linking up Princess! :-)

    Buzzing With Mrs. McClain

  4. You have such a cute classroom! Love the learning spaces idea. So true! Teaching Science With Lynda

  5. Your classroom looks so cozy, and the kids look well engaged, great idea! SOmetimes it is hard to let go of control, but I am always amazed at how well my kiddos do with freedom.

    Mrs. Plemons' Kindergarten