Sunday, December 7, 2014

Class Elf Week 1

Happy Sunday friends! Are you counting down the days until Christmas break like I am? I try not to think too much about what all needs to be done in two weeks, time because it makes my head spin.
Unless you've been living under a rock I'm certain you've heard at least something about the Elf on the Shelf....
While I was in Target I spotted some very special bandages in the dollar section. I just knew I had to buy them! I also decided our class elf needed a little oomph put into her wardrobe. Seriously, these elves seem to have better clothes than some people!
Sidenote: While looking at this picture I just realized I made an oopsie. I guess those two buttons on the skirt should face the front. Clara Cupcake has hers on with buttons in the back. I"ll be fixing that Monday morning.

Clara Cupcake arrived Monday morning direct in a chilly package from the North Pole. Thank God for great office staff who have some acting skills! You could feel the mini's excitement in the air as I read the book. Some kids informed me they have an elf at home as well. We went on about our business and left Clara alone. After returning from the computer lab we discovered her in a new place.

While scrolling through the hashtag #elfintheclassroom on Instagram I saw a wonderful idea. Nicole from All Things Apple shared her class elf has a Gmail account! How clever and cool is that? That night Clara got her own Gmail set up. 
I'm guessing a combination of tired and rushing are what caused the horrible mistakes I made in this email. Thankfully the minis didn't catch on to this one.
Clara Cupcake was found in her hot air balloon Tuesday morning!

Tuesday afternoon turned out to be a little difficult when it came to behavior.
Wednesday we found CC sitting by thinking maps and noting what she liked in an American Girl catalog.
I'm gonna keep it real y'all, Wednesday was one TOUGH day. My sweet little angels morphed into booger bears. Yes I am patient and kind with my class, however I don't play around when it comes to classroom management.
 I gave the speech about good behavior. I gave the speech about having class privileges. I even gave the speech about thinking before you act. The minis weren't having it so sadly on Thursday we lost some Christmas magic.

You could have heard a pin drop when I read this email. I love my minis but I absolutely do not put up with certain kinds of behavior. They got the message loud and clear. Behavior the entire day was 100% better.
Our Christmas magic returned on Friday!
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday teacher friends! In a couple of hours I'm headed to watch the Mavericks game, I can't wait!

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