Monday, May 4, 2015

Happy Teacher Appreciation!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week my friends! I hope you are all shown the love, pampering, and appreciation this week you are so deserving of.
Earlier today I posted a pic on my Instagram of the gifts I gave my team. Sorry I didn't clear the table before snapping this pic, oops!
I found everything I needed for the gifts at Target. Target is just a slice of heaven on Earth as far as I'm concerned. Each "pamper pail" included sticky and thank you notes, chocolate, nail polish, and a face mask. Let me tell you those Lindt chocolates are delicious!
And of course you've heard of the TpT sale right???
My entire store will be on sale! Save up to 28% off with the promo code ThankYou. I added three pennant banners to my store which I'm in LOVE with. Get a head start on decorating your classroom for next year!
I'm going to switch up my color scheme slightly next year, and I'm already laminating like a mad woman.

Fill those carts and happy shopping!

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