Saturday, November 16, 2013

Five for Friday

I promise y'all I'll get posts up on the right days! This week was full of lots of learning and unexpected treats! Here's my link up for this week's Five for Friday.

 The minis played Roll-A-Turkey this week in learning stations.
I love observing what strategies minis use to play this game. You can grab a freebie for yourself thanks to Little Giraffes.

I got to take a limo ride to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch Friday! We had so much fun dancing and singing on the way. I'm glad I got to go and share the experience with two minis from my class.

Teachers enjoyed some downtime and pizza while students played games. I wonder how much running I"ll have to do to burn off the pizza? I don't think I want to know; ignorance is bliss in this situation!

Our classroom pencil sharpener died a couple of weeks ago, and I've had to sharpen pencils in a buddy teacher's room. We now have a nice, new pencil sharpener to use!
I'm not ashamed to admit I ooh'ed and ahh'ed when I took it out of the box Friday afternoon.

I was invited to attend the Rowlett Chamber Luncheon this past Wednesday. Unfortunately I didn't take pictures for fear I would look like a creeper with no manners, but I did snap a picture of my name tag! 

At the luncheon, I briefly met a fabulous lady who owns a cupcake bakery in town. Brendal's has all sorts of delicious cupcakes. She gave us a stack of free cupcake cards for staff at our school. Some people didn't want theirs so guess who they brought them to? Hooray I'm ready for a cheat days so I can go get my cupcakes! 

I'm thinking I need to invest in a camera for blogging instead of taking pics with my phone or iPad. Maybe I'll be a crazy Black Friday shopper this year and buy one. Keyword maybe. You know some of those Black Friday people go crazy! Happy Saturday everyone!

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