Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Not So Five for Friday Post

I originally began work on this post Friday as part of Five for Friday, but could never find the time during the weekend to complete it. I wanted to share some amazing work my minis did last week, but didn't feel right completing it now calling it Five for Friday on Sunday night. October was a CHAOTIC month!

I always have multiple pairs of shoes or socks in my teacher work area then get frustrated at home when I can't find what I want! I took some of my cupcake duct tape and wrapped them around the straps of my flip flops. I've only worn those flip flops after school once so I'm not sure why I'm hanging onto them so badly.

Moving on to the amazing mini work...

 Students brought in their decorated pumpkins for our grade level contest. I was impressed with the creativity I saw. 

We've spent time this week in math learning with model drawing. The minis have been doing a fantastic job! 
We spent a good amount of time doing model drawing in whole and small groups. I met with each student to discuss their math journals, then helped them create a video in Educreations. We love using Educreations in the classroom. It's an amazing iPad app and website with so many possibilities.

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