Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday Meet Me

Happy Monday y'all! I'm home in the middle of the afternoon and so far it's great! I wrapped up some last minute things in my classroom this morning. While browsing my Bloglovin feed, I found another great linky from The Teaching Tribune.

Whether your already enjoying break or still counting down the days I hope you have a sunshine fun filled summer!



  1. I found your blog through the link up! I teach second grade too and am also a big Real Housewives fan!! I am your newest follower! I would love for you stop by and visit my blog if you get a chance! Thanks for sharing!!


  2. Hi Jamie! Sounds like we could be teaching sisters from another mister! :)

  3. Cute blog! I love yoga, but cross fit seems scary! I'll have to give it a shot though :)
    Learnin' Books

  4. Hi Princess! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I just finished my 7th year in 2nd but am moving to 3rd in the fall. Excited but scared for the change!

    Swinging for Success
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