Monday, September 1, 2014

September Currently

It's already September, say what?! It's time for some September Currently fun with Farley.
Listening- Anyone who knows me or has been reading my lil 'ol blog for a while knows I love me some Real Housewives. I missed Sunday night's episode and need to catch up.
Loving- I have two of those mini vanilla cupcake scented candles from Yankee burning and it smells soooo delicious! 
I'm also excited/nervous/anxious to open up my TPT store later this month! I'm bound and determined to get this up and going before October. Just a few more tweaks and additions to go!
Thinking- My home printer sadly has run out of ink and I told myself I'd replace it today. I need the ink to print some math games I want to use this week. Either I get up and get moving or upload the files to Office Max. We'll see which choice wins.
Wanting- I've had a headache since earlier today that seems to be lingering even after two ibuprofen. I also just noticed I didn't line up the text correctly when I typed my response, oh well. 
Needing- If I don't shut down my laptop I'll fall into the all day Pinterest and TPT trap which I completely wouldn't mind because I love them both so much. However, my to do list for today needs to be done so my obsessions hobbies will have to wait just a little bit longer.
3 Trips- These three places have been on my travel list for a while now. I'd love to see the Eiffel Tower in person, ooh and ahh at the marvelous place that is Harrod's, and lounge with a refreshing drink on a Hawaiian beach!
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  1. Hi Princess! I love vanilla candles, too. I am obsessed with anything vanilla- probably because it makes everything smell like cookies and cupcakes! I am with you on needing to get off the laptop....but since most of my to-do list involves the computer, I will put that off for awhile! Have a great Labor Day!
    Stephanie from First Grade Bangs

  2. A refreshing drink on a beach in Hawaii sounds amazing right now and I haven't even had my first week back at school yet! Good luck opening your TpT store!
    Growing Little Learners

  3. I told myself 55 minutes ago, I was going to get off of Instagram, Pinterest, and these blog and get some work done, so I think Office Max might win in your case if you are like me. :-) I will be on the lookout for your TpT store!

    Live Bake Teach

  4. Love scented candles and congrats on your "almost TPT shop"! If you're ever heading to London, I'd love to join you! That's on my destination list, too :)
    Literacy Loving Gals

  5. Ok y'all I FINALLY tore myself away from my laptop and got to moving. I caved and just bought ink so I could print what I wanted. I hope to have two products finished tonight, fingers crossed!

  6. Princess you have a great name and a great blog. It's my first time here and I will be sure to come back and visit.
    Teaching and Much Moore