Sunday, June 9, 2013

Cupcake Poms

Welcome to my first blog post! Tissue poms are popping up in classrooms everywhere right now. I was feeling crafty and decided to do something unique with this concept, so I turned to Google and did a search for cupcake pom poms. Within seconds I had tons of adorable images filling my laptop screen. I loved the easy to follow directions found at Fun Favors and decided to take the plunge. I headed to Michael's with my teacher badge in hand (hello 15% everyday teacher discount) and purchased a 6 inch Styrofoam ball for practice. There's always cupcake liners in my kitchen so I didn't need any of those.
Eventually the pom will hang from my classroom ceiling so I marked and secured a spot with a paper clip. I took extra care with the cupcake liners so they wouldn't tear. My manicure made that sometimes difficult. Slowly but surely the ball started to get covered.
For my practice ball I decided on two different types of cupcake liners. After an hour, a burnt index finger, and watching Bravo my little project was finally complete!
After taking this picture I filled in that awkward space at the bottom with one more liner. Voila all finished! I'll get started on a few more of these soon so each group in my classroom has one above their area. 

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