Monday, February 3, 2014

Currently February

I just can't stay away from a good teacher blog linky. I'm linking up again with Farley for Currently February.
Listening- I've got The Bachelor on in the background. It's been a few years at least since I've paid attention to this show. I decided to start watching it again this season on a whim. By whim I mean it's on in the background while I occasionally catch up. I've got to be honest and give my opinion. Juan Pablo sometimes comes across as not the brightest crayon in the box to me, make sense?
Loving-I think this one is self explanatory. 
Thinking- Oh boy how much time do you have to read this? Ready? I'm taking tomorrow off and I always wonder if I've left good enough plans, how the kids will behave, did I forget something, etc. You know how it goes teacher friends.
Thursday is the 100th day of school which happens to be one of my favorite school days. I've got a blinged out t shirt hanging in the closet ready to wear! 
Next Monday the 10th is my 30th birthday, eeek! My solid plans for this weekend so far include two of my favorite things; cupcakes and pedicures on Sunday. I'm an easy to please girly girl. 
Wanting- My hair is getting too long for my preference right now even though it's still short. Short haired girls rule. :)
Needing-Maybe I can get a massage this weekend. I have no problem with particpating in relaxation. Anybody else noticing my theme of girly tendencies?
2 truths and a fib- 1. Yes, I'm a lefty!
2. This one can be misleading. I'm not a coffee addict by any means. I don't even like coffee. The weird part though is I LOVE me some Starbucks. I tend to stick with a couple of hot drinks for winter and when the weather warms up it's passion tea lemonade all the way.
3. If a show is on Bravo then chances are I watch it. Love me some Bravo!


  1. How ironic! I just happened to turn on Juan Pablo after not having seen any bachelor seasons for a while, too! Not to sound creepy, but I also thought about saying I needed a haircut. Crazy~ we're almost blogging-mind-readers!

    1. We could be sisters from another mister! ;)

  2. So just adding to the listening was The Bachelor too although I haven't missed a season in over 6 years. Sad addiction. I do have to agree though Juan Pablo isn't exactly the brightest bachelor, but then again its reality tv.

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks the same about JB!