Friday, January 31, 2014

Five for Friday...Goodbye January!

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs again to share some of what was jammed packed into the last week of January. This week certainly proved to be a whirlwind! I don't plan on leaving my house this weekend until it's absolutely necessary.

I think I can speak for every teacher at my school when I say Thursday left us EXHAUSTED. Not only was it picture day, but we had important visitors in the building. Visiting principals from other schools and other district employees made rounds in the afternoon to do observations. There was only one slight problem; BOOM! The power went out thanks to strong wind. We had to think quick and teach with no electricity for a couple of hours. Thankfully my classroom has a window that gave us some extra light.
I completely understand this poster now!
I started using anchor charts this year and I love them! They're a great year long reference and good to create whole group. Here's our possessive nouns anchor chart.

We made another anchor chart for science. I'm not the best artist but as long as the content is there and the minis understand it's all good to me. I was in a rush taking pictures this afternoon and forgot to turn off the projector. Apologizes for blank randomly popping up at the bottom. 

One of my favorite stories is Officer Buckle and Gloria. The minis brainstormed their own safety tips.

 I love safety tip #10!

If your fortunate enough to have YouTube access in your district it can be a great techie resource. Do you ever wish you could clean it up a bit? Presenting YouTube Clean to the rescue.
Here's what a YouTube video normally looks like. Sometimes we don't want all the extra on the side even if it's good stuff that's kid friendly.
 Just type in clean between YouTube and part.
 Ta-da! The end result is the same video without the fluff!
Have a great weekend! I'll be dreaming of warm weather and flip flops. 

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