Wednesday, January 15, 2014

QR Code Fun

Happy Hump Day y'all! I'm feeling super accomplished today. Third day in a row at the gym, no eating out for dinner, laundry in the washer, and American Idol on in the background. With all that greatness I think the best part of my day was seeing my minis working with QR codes in learning stations.
Last week during staff development, I learned how to create a QR code scavenger hunt. I used Class Tools to create this week's activity in our math learning station. Earlier this week we did mini flip books of mystery shapes. Some of the same student created riddles appeared in the scavenger hunt.
 Technology just isn't for older kids; our K-2 babies are just as capable if we model and teach our techie expectations correctly. I have an easy step by step tutorial for you to follow.
The first step is to name and create your questions. You will need a minimum of 5 questions and answers to create your scavenger hunt. Check, double check, then check your questions again! You will have an option of editing later. I learned this afternoon I accidentally wrote a clue wrong when one of the minis pointed it out.

 When your finished, the next screen gives you a link to your treasure hunt. 

 The next page will give you options for various things. I spent a few minutes navigating the extras to familiarize myself with them for future use.

 Preview what your scavenger hunt will look like.

 Voila, you're scavenger hunt is created and ready for use!

I printed the QR codes and had them laminated. It's not my most "cutesy" work but in this case ease of use and content was more important. I placed the cards around the room in the morning before students arrived.

 Minis hard at work. Love these babies! <3

I created quick recording sheet. I didn't realize until the afternoon I didn't mean to align the numbers on the left. Boo!

This techie project took me about 20 minutes to create from questions to lamination. Back to more American Idol. I'm a bit disappointed there aren't more crazies!

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