Monday, January 27, 2014

The Circle of Life

Happy Monday everyone! I didn't blog at all last week because I honestly felt I didn't have much to share and those short/long weeks are a blur. I feel blogging about content and meaningful things to use is more important than "fluff" so to speak.
Today was a challenging Monday for the class and I. Our class guinea pig, Ricky Bobby passed away over the weekend. I'm glad I found him and got his cage removed before students walked through the door.

He was old by guinea pig standards so I knew his time was coming soon, but I thought he had another year left. I'll admit I was highly upset and sad this morning. Thankfully I work in a great school with amazing admin support. My AP graciously spent some time with the class this morning talking with them while I took a moment. She had the perfect explanation that animal death is all part of the circle of life.
Later in the day minis had the option of drawing picture or writing letters to Ricky Bobby. The genuine caring and sweet words from kids truly warms my heart.

How sweet is this note? It was written by the same minis who was concerned during Christmas about her sister's class elf losing it's magic. 
Eventually I'll get another class pet. It wouldn't feel right to me to just rush out and get another one so soon. 
Later this week, I promise to have more light hearted posts. There's plotting and planning going on in my head for the 100th day of school next week. I can't wait to share!

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