Sunday, December 15, 2013

Elf Linky Fun Week 2

It's another week of elf antics and awesomeness over at Seusstastic. Before I get to the fun stuff can I vent? It makes me sad and somewhat irritated how many people are hating on the elf! I've heard everything from the elf is a waste of time, creepy, doesn't belong at school, etc. I personally have enjoyed having an elf in my classroom although I admit I'm running low on ideas for these last few days. It's fun for me to see my mini's faces light up when coming in first thing in the morning looking for Clara Cupcake. Our classroom elf has been instructional and helped us spread Christmas cheer to others. I understand not everyone is a fan, but please keep the negativity to yourself! Now moving on to the fun stuff...
I'll start with Clara Cupcake on Friday and link again to daily elf fun so I don't end up repeating myself and taking forever to write this post.
I thought her hiding place Friday morning was so clever, until it took students all of 10 seconds to find her upon arrival. 

Techie Elf- My favorite of the week!

Just four days and a half days until Christmas break! So much to do and so little time! Papers to be graded are calling my name, bleh!

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  1. I think the elf is the most precious thing! I have gotten some of the other teachers to help and join in our classroom elf fun! The elf watches everybody at our school! I hope you have fun during your last 4 and a half days! Happy Holidays.
    Bright Concepts 4 Teachers