Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Making A List

My oh my Tuesday afternoon was a challenge. I had minis bouncing off the walls and doing all sorts of out of the ordinary things. How long until Christmas break again? As a teacher I feel like I'm on auto pilot this week. Just the thought of my to do list for next week makes me head spin. I apologize in advance for any bad grammar or spelling mistakes in this post; my brain has checked out for today.
Tuesday afternoon one student used her free time to draw a picture of Clara Cupcake. She came back from the North Pole with class names on a list.

Sadly our elf had to give Santa a not so great report about some classroom behavior that night. She included this poem with a reminder about good behavior.

Note to self: I've got to be more organized with elf notes next year. Having different paper everyday is driving me a little nuts. 

I found an amazing freebie on TPT this afternoon to use next week for our Polar Express party! Thanks to Teaching in High Heels for this resource. Our class Polar Express party is always the last day of school which just happens to be pajama day. Pajama day is one of my favorite school days. 
Time to work on student gifts, catch up on Real Housewives, plot for elf surprises tomorrow, and somewhere in all that sleep!

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