Monday, December 9, 2013

Manic Monday

What a difference a day makes! Today I felt like a chicken with it's head cut off running around since we were out Friday due to weather. I've got to take a quick moment to brag on the minis. I'm not sure if it was the extended weekend, our elf, or the beginning of the week but they were angels today. My fingers are crossed they repeat this behavior again tomorrow. It was so silent most of the day you could have heard a pin drop. We had  TON of work to do today; the minis were so cooperative.
This morning Clara Cupcake was caught sleeping on the job! She decided to make herself a comfy bed with a tissue box. We're having so much fun with our elf visitor each day. Today Clara C. had a special job for us.

This was the note I read to students this morning. Instead of keeping all the Christmas cheer for ourselves, we made Christmas cards for our fourth grade buddies. 

We're working on writing and reading numbers up to 999 in math. I had some place value work mats I inherited from the previous teacher in my classroom. Each student had a due they rolled three times; once for the hundreds, once for tens, and the final roll for ones. They had to draw a model for their number plus write it in standard and expanded form. I'm going to use another version of this activity in learning stations later this week. Students were working in their groups, but it was completely silent! I was so impressed with their hard work they earned a compliment towards sweet treats. 

We also completed our gingerbread glyphs in math. I love a good glyph activity because each student is able to showcase what's special about them.
When we were finished we put our gingerbread men out in the hall around our bulletin board.

Our current science unit is all about air and weather. We created this anchor chart together to help us remember how to read celsius temperature. I'm not happy with the black line I drew straight through the mercury but this turned into a teachable moment. Even teachers make mistakes. I'll probably go back tomorrow and fix this.
Dorky teacher moment: As I'm blogging my heart out Blogger spell check keeps saying celsius is spelled incorrectly. I instantly panic and have to Goggle it 3 times before I'm sure it's correct.
I'm one tired teacher tonight. I see early bedtime in my future, zzzz. I can't wait to show you what Clara C. is up to next. Stay turned and stay warm!

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