Thursday, December 12, 2013

Techie Elf

It turns out Clara Cupcake is a techie elf! Here's how students found our elf this morning. I Clara had created a TodaysMeet for us.

TodaysMeet is one of our favorite resources we use in class. Creating and participating one is a quick, easy process.

The responses from the minis always make me smile. Check out the response about wanting to be a teacher; how sweet is that?

Last night during our grade level dinner and Secret Santa gift exchange, one of my buddy teachers mentioned her secret weapon for classroom management this time of year. She shared the number for Santa's direct line. 
I promise you the number works! This afternoon the class was going BONKERS so I pulled out my phone, dialed, and put it on speaker. If only I had a camera to capture the looks on their faces, ha! I'll try almost anything these last few days until break. It's all about survival mode!

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