Monday, December 16, 2013

My Truth Monday..and Random Monday Happenings

I'm linking up with Denise from Sunny Days again to share some of my favorite apps. I have a list of apps that I love just for me and some I love for the classroom. 
My hands down favorite app for the classroom is Educreations. It's a free iPad app and website where you can create lessons to share. What I love about the iPad version is the ability to see students working. 
Here's an example of one mini's lesson during model drawing.

My personal favorite app is Candy Crush. I both love and hate the game.
Make sure to link up and share your own favorites!
Moving on to my oops of the day; I accidentally knocked over Clara Cupcake! She was sitting in front of our Boggle board pretty as can be until right before recess.
I opened the top drawer of the cart for a marker and when I closed it, BAM! Poor Clara Cupcake fell over face down into a basket. There was a collective gasp of shock and awe in the room. I felt so horrible! I knew I had to come up with something quickly; I didn't want our elf face down in a basket all afternoon. Quickly I left the room and thankfully my mentor teacher was subbing today in a class literally steps from mine. I explained my dilemma and went back to my room. After a minute I made a dramatic phone call to Santa's office desperately asking what should be done. Santa's solution was to allow only me to pick up Clara C. and return her. I carefully returned her to her resting place for the day. Our school day passed by without any further elf oopsies.

I had another student and a coworker give me cupcake ornaments today! Our class tree is getting full. At this point I've bought less than half of the cupcake ornaments on the tree. The majority are gifts I've received since teaching.

The final countdown until break begins! So much to do in so little time, and I have yet to finish Christmas shopping. 

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